Inclusive Access

How does Inclusive Access work?

Inclusive Access is a textbook model that converts physical course materials into instantly accessible digital content, providing students with interactive, adaptive, and affordable materials. The University of Minnesota Bookstores, publishers, and faculty collaborate to make these materials available to students on the first day of class.

The program functions on an opt in/opt out basis. Upon enrolling in a course using Inclusive Access, students are considered opted in, and will be charged for the cost of the digital materials through their student account. Students will either receive access to their content through Canvas, along with a welcome email from, or in a separate email from the U of MN Bookstores by the first day of class.

If students do not want to receive the digital course materials through Inclusive Access, they can opt out via the emailed link, or by emailing with their course information and requesting to opt out before the deadline. After this, a refund for the initial Inclusive Access charge will be issued, and the student will be considered opted out, meaning they will lose access to the Inclusive Access digital content.

Opt Out Deadlines -May/Summer Terms 2024

The opt-out deadline can vary depending on how long a May/Summer class runs and when it begins. If you would like to inquire about when the opt-out deadline is for a class, please email us at

Inclusive Access FAQs

How much does Inclusive Access cost?
Prices vary depending on the course material selected by the instructor. Since every enrolled student receives the digital course materials, the publisher charges a lower bulk rate to the Bookstores, resulting in lower prices for students. Often the Inclusive Access price saves students 60% or more off the price of a new print (hardcopy) textbook.

How is Inclusive Access Billed?
Students will see a charge for “Required Digital Materials - [Course Title]” from the U of MN Bookstores appear on their student account by or before the first day of class. Late enrollments will be billed as they are processed through the University system (this may take 1-2 business days).

How does the access work?
Most Inclusive Access materials require the student to create an account with the publisher or vendor hosting the materials, and authenticate enrollment and payment status through a unique link or access code. Some Inclusive Access materials are available through your course page in Canvas. Your instructor will provide specific directions and links to access your materials on the course page. Other Inclusive Access instructions will be sent via email from the U of MN Bookstores.

What if the course is dropped?
If a student drops the course during the University’s official drop/add period, then the student will automatically receive a full or partial Inclusive Access refund, depending on the drop date. (For example, if the student drops in time to be eligible for 100% tuition refund, then the IA refund will also be 100%. If the student is only eligible for a 75% tuition refund, then the IA refund will be 75%, etc.) Courses dropped after the drop/add period ends may not be eligible for refunds. Students who plan on or decide to drop a course should not also opt out, as they will already be receiving an IA materials credit for dropping the course.

What does it mean to opt out?
Opt outs are only accepted through the posted deadline for each semester. At the student’s request to opt out, the University of Minnesota Bookstores will issue a refund to their student account. Access to the digital course materials will be revoked at that time, and students will be responsible to find the required course materials by other means. Students who opt out are not able to purchase a loose-leaf version of the digital course materials (offered with some titles) instead of using the digital copy.

Are there physical copies of Inclusive Access materials?
Some publishers print loose-leaf copies of textbooks that are offered through Inclusive Access. Each semester, available loose-leaf versions will be listed alongside the Inclusive Access versions on our website. Inclusive Access loose-leaf books are only available to students who remain opted in, because they are offered at a discounted price in accordance with the cost of the digital materials. They are intended to be used as a supplement, and cannot be purchased as a substitute for the digital content.

What if a student opts-out, but then wants to opt back in?
The U of MN Bookstores can work with the publisher to get the student reconnected with their digital course materials. Please contact or stop by the Bookstores for assistance with opting in.

Still have questions?

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