The F*ck It Diet: Eating Should Be Easy - Paperback

The F*ck It Diet: Eating Should Be Easy

Dooner, Caroline

Dieting doesn’t work. At least, not long term. In fact, our bodies are hardwired against it. But each time our diets fail, instead of considering that maybe our ridiculously low-carb diet is the problem, we wonder what’s wrong with us. Why can’t we stick to our simple plan of grapefruit and tuna fish? Why are we so hungry? We berate ourselves for being lazy and weak, double down on our belief that losing weight is the key to our everlasting happiness, and resolve to do better tomorrow. But it’s time we admit the truth: Constantly trying to eat the smallest amount possible is a miserable way to live, and it isn’t even working. So fuck eating like that.

Irreverent and empowering, The F*ck It Diet is a call to arms for anyone who feels guilt or pain over food, weight, or their body. Ex yo-yo dieter Caroline Dooner tackles the inherent flaws of dieting and diet culture and offers you a counterintuitively simple path to healing your physical, emotional, and mental relationship with food. What’s the secret anti-diet? Eat. Whatever you want. Honor your appetite and listen to your hunger. Trust that your body knows what it is doing. Oh, and don’t forget to rest, breathe, and be kind to yourself while you’re at it. Once you get yourself out of survival mode, it will become easier and easier to eat what your body really needs—a healthier relationship with food ultimately leads to a healthier you.